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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Right To Rock!

Growing up in a little town in tiny Denmark, we suffered from an almost total lack of rock music. We had one television station (the 2nd station aired in 1988!) and three radio stations, one for public info, one for classical music and one for popular music. Sadly, hard rock and metal, which was the music I listened to, was not in the "popular" category. We had no rock music radio, no MTV. Nothing. My source for discovering all this wonderful music was mainly my brother, who gave me my first vinyl album, Deep Purple's Made In Japan. What an awesome album that still is today. I have bought it numerous times in different versions over the last 30 years, never getting tired of it.

In a small town like mine, being a teen that didn't listen to the music all the other ones would listen to, made me sometimes feel very out of place. However, it never made me feel lesser than them. I kind of had the "such a shame they don't know any better" view on my class mates that were into the horrible pop music of the 80's. Me, I never found it interesting until I grew up a bit and starting being nostalgic about my younger days. Today I can better stomach it and actually find it fun now and then.

Learning about new rock and metal music happened mostly through friends, we would always get recordings of each other albums, and that way expanding our music libraries. However, I did have one other source. At Kvickly, the local supermarket, they had a little electronics department. Outside their department was a TV that would be playing the new hit videos from the flavor of the day artists. I remember seeing the "Tears are falling" video with Kiss, the "Looks That Kill" video from Motley Crue.

And then there was Keel. This one really hit home, because the video dealt with kids rebelling against the uptight adults that banned rock music. That was exactly how I felt. In the video is this AWESOME kid, rocking out the best he has ever learnt. I think I could TOTALLY identify with this kid. That was how I pictured myself. How did Keel know how a little Danish boy felt about metal? I was amazed.

I found the video to the song on YouTube today. I am today happy to say that I did NOT look like that kid in the video, even though I wanted to so badly. The song has always stuck with me, the title, "The Right To Rock" still goes. When my wife asks me if I can do something for her, I always answer "You got it" and adds.. "The Right To Rock". She looks at me like if I was some kind of retard, and I always try to explain this video to her. She doesn't fully get it, I think. I think you had to be there.

Anyways, I included the video in this post, watch and learn how to ROCK, and enjoy.

You got it... THE RIGHT TO ROCK!

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