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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Our New Year's Eve.

We had a great New Year's eve at Morten's house. Dee Dee and Monique took pictures, so - as always - I borrowed her blog posting.

New Years Eve pictures

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ahhh... let's just say we spent our New Years with our friend Morten, Mathias and Kathrine.  It was a nice evening.  We ate and drank. 

So today, I feel like I have a hangover.  Not so much with the drinking, two beers is all I had, but because I am not used to going to bed at 3 in the morn.  I know, I am such a wimp. 

Morten has such a cool house.  I love it.  If I ever wanted a house, it would be this one. 

These are pictures that Danielle took. 

IMG_1565 IMG_1568 IMG_1571 IMG_1574 IMG_1577 IMG_1581 IMG_1582 IMG_1586 IMG_1587 IMG_1588

Ozzy the cat. 


Hey Morten, we found your missing glasses. 



These are the pictures that I took.  I have to admit, I do love Dee's photography visual.

Morten did a great job with the atmosphere. Very cozy and inviting.

IMG_1604 IMG_1605IMG_1607

Dee, Morten, and Kingkeld. 



Morten and me. 


Man, this was a sweet cat. 


I went outside after we ate and took a shot of the night before the fireworks.  I really love this picture.


Then the fireworks began. 


Dee and the older kids were playing poker.  She lost.

IMG_1639 IMG_1640 IMG_1642 IMG_1643IMG_1644

The boys acting goofy. 

IMG_1645 IMG_1647 IMG_1650 IMG_1651 IMG_1652

Here we all are, seconds away from midnight.

IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1660 IMG_1661 IMG_1663 IMG_1664 IMG_1665 IMG_1667IMG_1668 IMG_1669

After our champagne and popping our fireworks inside the living room, I stepped outside to check out the lights.

IMG_1673 IMG_1675IMG_1681 IMG_1683 IMG_1685 IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1690

It was a perfect ending to a great evening.  Good food and good company.

Tak for mad Morten. 



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