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Thursday, October 06, 2011

My “Indulgence Diet”.

(DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor, physician, nutritionis or anything like that. I simply have worked out a way to lose weight that works for me, and that I am willing to share. I give NO guarantees if this doesn’t work for you, and I am not to be held responsible for anything weird that might happen to you or anyone else by doing this.)
These are photos of me. The “Fat One” is taken one year ago. The “Thin One” is taken last week.
I’d like to tell you about my “Indulgence Diet”. It’s a great, efficient and reasonably easy way to lose weight.
I have gone through a personal weight loss journey for one year now, and I have lost 140 lbs (65 kgs) in that year. I have not done a significant amount of exercise – though I do recommend that you exercise – and I am still losing weight fast using my “Indulgence Diet”.

At first, I did normal calorie counting. It worked great for me, and I found some great websites that help me stay accountable to myself all the way through. I would recommend that you check out, this is a stellar site for calorie counting, and it has a great community forum and buddy system for support. I could not have succeeded in my mission without it.

After about 9 months I stalled – I simply did not eat enough, and my body started thinking that I was starving. I started reading up on the issue, and found some good solutions.
Especially one I stumbled across seemed to make sense to me, and this is what I’d like to share with you.

There are several approaches to this, and various opinions about whether this works or not. All I can say it that it has worked for me, and is still working!
Without going into too much detail, this is all about counting the calories that you consume, and sticking to the numbers that you are allowed. If you do this, you WILL lose weight. Promise. Cross my heart.
This is what I did and still do:
1. Sign up with – it’s a great place to count calories. They have the best tools around.
2. Calculate your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI example 2000 calories) on
3. Go to and calculate your Resting Metabolism Rate. Use the FIRST result, where is says "The results of your calculations are:" and then BRM and RMR. You need the RMR. (RMR example 2100).
4. Multiply your RDI with 7 (let's call it 7RDI example 14000).
5. Multiply your RMR with 2 (we'll call that 2RMR example 4200).
6. Calculate 7RDI minus 2RMR and divide by 6 (call it NEWRDI example calculates 14000-4200/6=1633).
7. Your new, daily calorie intake 6 days per week is NEWRDI - so in this case it is 1633 calories. Yes, it is less that your original RDI, but it works wonders.
8. Your 7th day - Your "Indulgence Day" (I choose Saturday, as this is where most "fun" days like birthdays, parties etc will be) you will consume AT LEAST (but no more than a few calories above) 2RMR (in this case 4200 calores, and I'd say no more than 4250).
9. Remember to recalculate all numbers before each "Indulgence Day" as the numbers change as you lose weight.
Now, I would never recommended that you go below 1200 calories intake per day, no matter what the numbers tell you. If you end up with a number lower than that, you will not be getting enough calories for your body to run efficiently. All you will accomplish is to NOT lose weight due to unhealthy eating and starvation! So if this happens, please stick to AT LEAST 1200 per day! You will have to stick with your “Indulgence Day” allowance (you can not cut anything from this) and just accept that you will lose weight a little bit slower. It’s okay. It’s the long haul that will get you the good results. You didn’t gain the weight overnight, and you won’t lose it overnight. Just accept it as fact.
I hope you find this useful - it helped me getting out of my plateau, and I know from some of the other users/buddies on FatSecret that this “fix” generally is pretty efficient. Good luck.