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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Welcome To Mars!


Today, I found something fun. I was digging around on my PC and stumbled upon the Grønth – or Grønt GIMG_9394ræsh sessions.

A little back story:

Grønth, former Grønt Græsh was a little Danish hippie rock quartet/trio (depending on era) with heavy roots in the Led Zep camp and inspired also my a lot of Danish 70’s bands. Pure rock, with lyrics in Danish, written by the amazing Bjarke Slot.

Back then, I played bass. Still do, if we ever get to play music together again. Technically, we never split up.

Anyways, we got together for a couple of sessions at Bjarke’s recording studio, Soundvice, to have a little fun, and we ended up recording two amazing songs.

The first one I will introduce to you today. It’s called Velkommen til Mars (Welcome To Mars) and is about arriving on mars and meeting all the martians there.

To play “Velkommen Til Mars”, click play on the music player above.

I hope you like it. More to follow.

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  1. scubajeep6:44 AM

    I looked through your blog trying to find a sample of “Velkommen Til Mars” and could not find it anywhere. Huge music enthusiast and happened to see you blog link on Fatsecret. BTW your story is great. So glad that you found a lifestyle that helped you achieve your goal :-)


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