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Sunday, August 01, 2010


Hi gang,snapshot

It’s Sunday, and we are now 11 days into the horrible time called “Monique’s Vacation”. Affirmative. I am without my wife for two weeks. TWO WHOLE FRICKIN’ WEEKS!

No no no, this is NOT a good thing, guys. In contrast to most guys I really LOVE my wife and I want to spend my time with her. So I miss her.

Considering that it is only I and Dee at home (and of course, Lasercat), the house is surprisingly clean. I wonder if that is because I am getting old?

I hope not. I am not ready to grow up just yet. I am having WAY too much fun.

Today, I was really hoping to work on more music, but I have not gotten a chance. I’ve had visitors, and now I am doing various chores, laundry, dishes, cleaning, and general picking up (NO! I AM NOT OLD!), and the studio keeps calling me. But I must resist. I know there is no such thing as “just 30 minutes” in there. If I go in, I stay for a long time. And a long time will not do. Not today.

I am getting up early tomorrow, going to work early to save up some hours. The plan is to be able to go home early Wednesday, when Monique comes home. I miss her badly, and I want to spend the day with her.

I know she has had a wonderful vacation, visiting friends and family in the US, I can see her smiling and lighting up when we talk on Skype or Oovoo, but I hope she will be just as happy coming back home to us. She has had a rough year’s time, and I hope that is about to end. Luck and Fortune will come to us soon. Better jobs, more money, more time together, more happiness. :)

Love is a strange thing. We don’t really need to be doing a whole lot together. I just need to be with her. All I need for her to do is to be around. …and of course her cooking. I love her food. You know what they say about “the way to a man’s heart”.

Anyways, this is for you, Babe. I love you more than anything, and I can’t wait to see you home with me again. I miss you like crazy. So does Dee and the cat.

I love you forever, Monique.

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  1. :´-) Keld... Keld...Keld.... For the cat Keld!... You romantic being of a human. I knew you had it in you! S'going to be good to have her back! -Sine


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