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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kiss is Alive!

Finally, finally, finally do I get to post a review of the Long Awaited Kiss Concert in Denmark earlier this month. I know this is just about old news, but I still got a bunch of photos that I would like to post for you all to see.

I took pictures using my cell phone, and I will also be showing you some photos from a guy I met in there, Ian Cairns, who brought a better camera. I really need to be myself a nice and handy little camera for concerts. Most of the close-up were taken by Ian.

Anyways, my expectations were honestly not too high about this show. I love KISS, but it has seemed to be a little amputated these latter years. I like the thought of the reunited KISS with Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace. Seen them in the later years twice. Honestly, it was great for the novelty, but Ace and Peter couldn't live up to it. They just didn't show the talent and energy needed.

In comes replacements Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. Both great musicians and they do their job just fine. But they are NOT Peter and Ace, and they are using their makeup. I really don't like that either.

I would have loved if KISS had kept the big show, lost the makeup and went back to where they were before the reunion. But that is just wishful thinking.

All this being said, it seems that Eric and Tommy has settled nicely into the KISS family (Eric of course been an off/on member on the drums since 1990) and the new foursome is really a better KISS than they have been for years.

I really liked that they were honoring the KISS ALIVE! album at this show, the entire main set basically being them playing the (almost) entire ALIVE! album. This album has a special meaning to me, as it was the first LP I bought using my own money. I had just gone to the movies and saw Kiss In Attack Of The Phantoms and it blew my 10-year old mind away! Seeing it today I can see all of it's faults, but back then it was awesome. The day after I saw the movie I went to the music store, found ALIVE! and purchased it on the spot. It holds a really dear place in my rock-heart.

So hearing it in it's entirery was really something else.

But enough of my babbling (you probably skipped it, but if you didn't - thank you for reading!).

Here are the photos in no particular order (and see if you can spot a great photo of Christian and Joseph, my great step sons, in there!)


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